Yoga Moves Utrecht 2017 Christine May Elemental Prana Vinyasa wave sequences Fire Air

Tending the Inner Fire and Breath of the Heart with Christine May

Go deeper in your practice and evolve in your life in this rejuvenating immersion learning to guide elemental prana vinyasa wave sequences to awaken our connection to nature. Experience an immersion into the balancing and dynamic Elemental Prana Vinyasa that is rejuvenating for all levels from beginners to teacher’s practice.

Enjoy learning to embody and teach four Fire & Heart (Air) Elemental Prana Vinyasa wave sequences for balancing our life-force. Receive the LIVE experience with your guide Christine May (and online home practice with founder, Shiva Rea if you choose)

Each prana vinyasa elemental practice focuses on “prana flow elemental namaskars” and the power of flow states to awaken our instinctual body that supports our health, vitality and longevity.

Practice and Learn to teach Classical Namaskars, Rhythmic Vinyasa Namaskars, as well as Agni (fire) and Hridaya (air) Namaskars.
Learn Prana Flow Energetic Alignment for Namaskars, Arm Balances, Twists, Standing Asanas and Backbends to teach alignment in the flow.
Learn two fire and heart sequences for arm balances, core work and backbends and two lunar sequences for deep flexibility and regeneration.
Hands on assists and alignment for the asanas of the earth-water wave sequences
Learn Vinyasa Krama and Prana Flow Method to teach creative variations of bakasana, twists, handstand transition, back-bend peak asanas.
Inner Fire and Breath of the Heart Elemental Meditation and Mantra for daily balance.

Dates: Monday -Friday, 11-15 Dec. 2017 | 9.00-17.00

Price: €545

Location: St. Janshovenstraat 1, Utrecht


11 - 15 dec '17


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